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Thermaltake Level 10 is nearly here!

2009-08-24 21:01:12 by tr4nce

Cases are mostly a simple thing; chuck the mobo into the middle, a PSU above or below, DVD/HDD drives all in the standard locations and there isn't a lot of variation - until now.

Thermaltake is celebrating their tenth year of being around (woot!), so they asked BMW to design them a case that not only bucked convention, but was so astounding that it'd make jaws drop at the mere sight of it - the Level 10 is all that and more.

Instead of packing all the usual components in the one large space, Thermaltake have moved each main component of a case off to separate cages - literally stacking them up in levels (like we first saw at CeBit).

A wide and flat foot supports a large vertical surface, off which is attached the main components. The vertical wall is hollow; and includes channels for cabling as well as an access panel on the opposite side.

Six hot-swappable HDD caddies make up the front of the Level 10, each with completely hidden cabling. Three 5.25" bays are at the very top in their own box, the top one including a stealthed cover. The PSU is behind the 5.25" bays inside its own box, while the mobo and expansion cards fill out the final (largest) compartment.

It's the kind of case a modder would dream up and painstakingly assemble which makes it a phenomenal idea, but one with a few significant cons. Being a special edition case, it's only going to have a limited run - at a price of around US$800.

Not only is the pricetag hefty but the case itself is impressively so too, weighing in at over sixteen kilograms without any tech inside - the built-in handle at the top is actually needed!

It's a fascinating piece of kit, so head into the gallery of pics for more on this mould-breaking case and keep an eye out for when Atomic get a sample - only intimate time will really give us a strong opinion.

I don't even care what everyone thinks about this case, but i've got a boner at the moment from the sight of this monilith.Check out the countdown at

Thermaltake Level 10 is nearly here!


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