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Entry #7

If I Win...You'll Win Too!

2009-12-01 02:36:36 by tr4nce

If I ever win the lotto. (1:40 000 000 odds), Im gonna to have to proceed with the biggest competitiom in the history of Newgrounds.

To enter, you'll have to tell me 25 words or less, what do think Tom Fulp's fetish is. The 10 most creative and orginal answers, will win 1 copy of every item in the Store including postage. (Every T-Shirt, Collectibles, Artist Discs, Stickers & Posters) That's $400+ of Newgrounds mechanise

Again, this is only if I won the lotto, who's knows, some years down the track I might, and this post will come into effect.

P.S. Watch this space to see if I ever win the lotto. Fingers crossed, for myself & everyone who will enter the competition, if it ever happens.


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2009-12-01 07:37:32

Tom Fulp's fetish!?!?
Everybody knows he sleeps naked inside a CC Costume while choking himself.... GEEZ! :P